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Yoga Asana

Little About Us

We are locally owned and...

Passionate about Yoga. We offer a variety of hot and warm classes. From beginners to more advance practices, there is a bit for everyone to chose from. Our brand new studio is bright and open, and it is designed with your comfort and needs in mind. The Yoga Room is spacious and comfortably heated by an Infrared Heating system. You can enjoy some tea and share some laughs in our comfy Tea Lounge, and get refreshed after those hot classes in our changing rooms equipped with showers and lockers. Make sure you come and check us out. We always look forward to meeting you!

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Women Stretching

Benefits of Yoga

The Path to a Balanced Lifestyle

Yoga is a wonderful practice that brings together mind and body. It offers various physical and mental benefits for people of all ages. Yoga can improve balance and flexibility and at the same time build strength and increases muscle tone. It's a great practice for anyone going through recovery or chronic conditions or anyone that's simply wanting to ease their body pains or reduce levels of stress or anxiety.

Stretch Yoga Pose

*PLEASE ARRIVE AT LEAST 5MIN EARLY. Latecomers will not be permitted in class after it starts.
*The Studio opens 15-30 min before class start.
* The Studio closes 30 min after class ends.

Before Your First Class

- Select a class of your choice    and register online

-  Eat a small meal a couple      of hours before               

-  Hydrate well ahead of time

-  Wear comfortable clothing       for your class

-  Arrive at least 10 min early       to sign in and get set up

-  Fill out forms if needed

-  Talk to your instructor about       any concerns you may have

-  Leave your belongings in         changing room

-  Get comfortable and ready     to practice in Yoga Room     


Yoga Mat and Straps

What to Bring 

in the Yoga Room

- Yoga Mat and Towel

 - Small sweat towel     

- Water bottle           

What Not to Bring 

in the Yoga Room

  - Cell Phone              

  - Personal Belongings 

- Any Valuables       


* Please store any of your
valuables in the change room lockers. Our studio is not liable
for any lost or stolen items.  

Get in Touch

flo n glo

13531- St Albert Trail
     Edmonton, AB
         T5L 5E7

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