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Yoga Classes

Find Your perfect fit....

We offer a variety of classes for every level of yoga. There is on average 3 classes per day offered. You can chose classes from Hot Vinyasa Flow, Happy Hips, Warm Gentle Vinyasa Flow, Neck and Shoulders, Hot Yin, Rocket, 26 &2, Power Flow and more. So whether you are just starting out or you are a more advanced practitioner, you should be able to find the right class that will suit your individual needs. You can download our App to look through our Class schedule and the Class description to find the best choice for you. Or call us at the studio and we will gladly offer some suggestions. To view our class schedule click-on Book Classes icon.

Why Yoga

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Professional Instructors

Glow - Karma Classes

Practice for a Great Cause....

Feel Good All The Way Classes! Our Friday Glow Classes are a perfect way to enjoy your practice while supporting our community and helping the less fortunate and those in need.
Come and join us for a bit more casual, fun class with darker setting and glow lights. You are welcome to wear some colorful flourescent gear. Maybe put on some glow paint and even glow sticks. 
Glow classes are by donation only and the proceeds will go to a local charity of the month. Please note that monthly membership does not cover Glow Classes. Minimum donation of $5.00 welcomes you to class.

Donations going to "Alberta Cancer Foundation"

Lisa Evans from "Play107" joins Flo n Glo Yoga Studio for a GLOW Class!!!

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Kids Yoga Classes

Glow in the dark Yoga for kids..

We are adding some fun classes for the kids that are craving to get some practice on their mats and have tons of fun.
Classes are offered occasionally and suitable to ages 8-12.
Kids Glow classes are set in a slightly warmer than room temperature. Please look under 'Shop Tab" to purchase a Kids Drop In Class and reserve a spot for your little one. 

Yoga Class
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