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This December we are offering a two hour
Turiya Yoga

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Turiya is an ancient term that describes the 4th state of consciousness. A state of ultimate awareness that transcends all mental activity, emotions, and physical experiences. A state where the boundaries of the ego dissolve, and you experiences a sense of unity with all things. A state of profound peace, bliss and clarity, where all doubts are resolved.

The goal of Turiya Yoga is to help students connect with themselves, cultivate a deep inner awareness, and move towards experiencing a sense of oneness with the universe. Classes incorporate several different ancient practices including kriya, pranayama, asana, meditation, yogic philosophies, dynamic movement and kundalini tantra. The power of meditation and dynamic movement will help ignite presence and awareness, allowing students an opportunity to trade in their stresses for inner peace. The practice of internal energy work will help encourage the release of blockages and promote healing, allowing students to tap into their true potential. Kundalini tantra is a sacred practice of understanding and utilizing the flow of energy within your various systems. Through working with the major energetic centres of the body, we can come into balance and harmony. All of the above and more is incorporated into a 2 hour workshop.

Workshop Investment

 Workshop Price $40*

*Prices are subject to gst + registration is limited 

About Tyler De Freitas......

I have been focused on the profoundness of the human experience that we call life for almost a decade. I’m motivated by the beauty of the moment, always listening and learning and sharing the wisdom of my many Teachers and Mentors. After a profound inner experience at the age of 22, I found my life completely changed in every way. This lead to a release of all that I had worked for and all that I thought I was as a person. Not long after this profound experience, I attended a Kundalini Yoga class and it was love at first kriya. I bought a 20 punch pass and started regularly attending classes. That lead me to Iyengar Yoga and eventually my first teacher training in Kripalu Yoga. From there I started teaching some crazy amount of classes (12-15) each week. After that I travelled around, meeting international teachers and experiencing immersive multiday programs and retreats. All of these experiences have helped me continue to refine my skills in the translation of the experience of union as well as other subjects like chakras, bandhas, tantra, vayus, koshas, kundalini, 8 limbs, the cycles of the cosmos and so much more. My next yoga teacher training was in Kundalini Yoga. That was followed by my most recent training at Anuttara Ashram, learning traditional tantra from Guru Bhairav through the Shivoham lineage of Guruji Maharaj. I am consistently focused on deepening my studies.

Call/text: (780) 394 - 2620

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