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Healing & Tarots Event

Saturday February 12th, 2022      From 6:00 -7:30 pm
Cost $60 + gst

I welcome you to join us on February 12

To Release and Renew new energy into

Your life.

We start our evening with breath work , yoga and grounding journaling, sound mediation. Oracles and tarots cards reading thorough out the night.



Chakra healing.

chakra healing techniques bring the energy body into balance for greater mental, emotional and physical health.

With the presence of chakras in the body, it is the convergence of energy, emotions, and physical body. With these chakras, our consciousness gets projected through these wheels, and this largely determines what we experience in reality. By working intensely on these chakras, we can deeply open all the blockages. This technique is active and uses deep breathing with body movement. This breathing is accompanied by musical sounds to open and bring awareness to the body and mind. As we breathe deeply in Chakra, it helps you to connect your body and charge the Chakras with energy.


Bring mat and bolster pillow, blanket and what ever you need to feel comfortable.



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